One database with multiple charting programmes capability, such as MetaStock (required), Advanced Get, SuperChart, TradeStation, Amibroker, OmniTrader, etc.

The Downloader Missing
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Avast antivirus recent definition updates will move The Downloader (Dlwin.exe) to Virus Chest and The Downloader is not able to run. This is “false positive” and you can restore Dlwin.exe according to below image steps. Please wait for few minutes and your Downloader shall able to run again.

Click here to view the image.

Important notice for MetaStock users
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Version 12 of the MetaStock™ charting program for end-of-day data was released in late October 2012. This version can only read data from Reuters DataLink™. It is not able to read "Local Data" supplied by independent data vendors such as BizFun. If you are considering upgrading to MetaStock™ version 12, please be aware that you will be locked into a single source of data for it.
Welcome to!
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hisdataBursa Malaysia EOD Data

This site serves as part of your business occupation in stock investing! Let start!

Biz = Business, Fun = Enjoyable

Stock investment incorporates chart Technical Analysis as part of your decision making tool. It helps you on research, study and design a trading strategy that alerts you with signals to buy or sell your stock, in addition to the company fundamental analysis.

Avira Alert - Solved
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Avira Antivirus alerts our autoupdate program as TR/Dropper.gen Trojan, it is false positive and we have to wait for Avira definition updates. You can still run updatev2 (ignore and tick on "Note...") or you can download older version update_all.exe for the conversion. Users with antivirus other then Avira are not affected. 

15-Jan-2010:- Problem solved after Avira Virus Definition File updated to version 195 or above. Users may run updatev2 without Trojan alert now.

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